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Implants are one of the major areas of concentration in our office. We have been certified for implantolgy by the German Society for Implantology, the Federal Association of German Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the Association of German Oral Surgeons and the German Society of Dental Implantologists.

What are dental implants?

In essence, they are just artificial roots for lost teeth. Nowadays mostly made of titanium, these artificial roots are placed in the jaw during a surgical procedure to replace lost teeth.

Forget about the myth that dental implants are just for elderly toothless people wearing dentures! It is current state of the art to consider implants as one treatment option whenever a tooth is lost in an accident, due to caries or periodontal disease. Often enough the neighboring teeth are still sound and can be kept intact by replacing the lost tooth by an implant. Improved denture retention is one of the major indications for dental implants. With them the retention of your old denture can usually be improved or a non-removable denture can be inserted. Implants can be placed at any age from the time skeletal growth is completed, i.e. at age 16 to 18 years, up to an advanced age. Despite the tremendous progress made in implantology in the past 30 years the intra-oral condition and your general condition will decide whether you are a candidate for implants. This and the type of implant treatment best suited for you can only be determined by painstaking examinations and counseling. Come and see us about it. We are here for you!