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Postoperative care

Do´s and don´ts after oral and maxillofacial surgery

When you underwent oral and maxillofacial surgery, you may experience wound pain once the anesthetic action has subsided or some time later. Your cheeks, eyelids or chin may be swollen, you may have trouble opening your mouth or swallowing. Your saliva will be reddish for some days, and the skin of your face and neck may be discolored. Swelling tends to be most pronounced 2 to 3 days following surgery. This is perfectly normal and in no way alarming.

To prevent complications, please make sure to stick to the following instructions:

1. Do not drive a vehicle after surgery.
2. Do not eat or drink as long as the anesthetic works.
3. Avoid strenuous physical activity and abstain from sports for some days.
4. Avoid nicotine and alcohol in the first few days of wound healing.
5. If a bite swab was placed on the wound, remove it after about 1 hour.
6. If you start bleeding, put another swab (gauze or a fabric handkerchief) on the wound and keep your teeth clenched for at least 1 hour. Reddish saliva is normal in the first few days, particularly after you brush your teeth.
7. For oral hygiene start cleaning your teeth, including those operated on, with a soft tooth brush (e.g. Oral-B soft brush for children) one day after surgery. Do not apply toothpaste to the wound in the first few days and do not rinse your mouth in the first 24 hours after surgery. Do not use mechanical mouth rinsing devices until a few days after the sutures are drawn and you have talked about it with your dentist.
8. Apply cold packs or an equivalent to the soft tissues of the cheeks and face for 2 to 3 days after surgery to prevent swelling.
9. Eat a diet rich in nutrients in the first few days and avoid milk during the first 24 hours.
10. Take antibiotics (e.g. penicillin) strictly as prescribed to maintain a constant blood level. If you do not tolerate them, please contact us. When nasal sprays are prescribed, use them approximately every 6 hours. Take painkillers as needed.